Find new friends. Learn a new language. Discover something new every day.

Pixelpal connects you with people from around the world. It’s the quickest way to find a new pen pal, to brush up on your language skills or learn something new about another culture.

There are no ‘Likes’ or ‘Followers’

Pixelpal is all about creating meaningful connections. All too often we define our self-worth based on the number of followers we have on social media or by the amount of likes our photos generate. On Pixelpal everyone has a chance to find a new friend regardless of their social media footprint.

Personality over popularity

You might be wondering why Pixelpal only allows the use of pre-selected avatars instead of giving you the option to upload your own profile picture. The answer is simple: we wanted to create a platform where your personality does the talking rather than your beautiful profile picture. After all, this is NOT a dating app!